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®OVB»$*0BS OF                    m           17TE CTKTIJ&Y.                     175

pteasant park-like appearance -with its wide expanse of green swardj reserved
for military uses from ihe eEcroadiments of the plomgh ; its well-kept roads
witt substantial bridges to span ihe frequent ravines ; and the long avenues
of trees thai half conceal the ihmtehed and vecandahed bungalows that He
behind, each in. its own enclosure of garden and pasture land ; while in the
distant back-ground an occasional glimpse is caaght of ihe broad stream of the

1629, 3Er2a Isa Tarkhin ; who gave Ms name to the suburb of fern-
pur (now more commonly called Hans-ganj)j on ihe opposite bank of the
1636. Mtirshid Knli Kha% promoted, at the tame of his appointment, to
be commander of 2,000 hbrsey as an incentive to be zealous in stamping out
idolatry and rebellion. From him, the suburb of Mnrshid-pttr derives iis
1639. Allah Virdi KMiu After holding office for diree years, some
disloyal expressions to which he had^iven utterance were reported to ihe emperor,
who thereupon confiscated Ms estates and removed him to DelM.
1642. Azam THi^ Mr Muhammad BaMr, also called IrMat EMn. He
is commemorated by ihe Azam-abad Sar&e, which he founded (see page SI),
and by the two villages of Aram-par and B&ir-pur. He came of a noble
family seated at Sawa in "Persia, and having attached himself to ihe service of
Asaf Khan Mrza Jafar, ihe distinguished poet and courtier, soon after beeasne
his son-in-kw and was introduced to ihe noiice of the Emperor Jahingir* He
tims gained Ms first appointment under ihe Crown ;<i>ut his sabseqttent promo-
tion was due to ihe influence of Yamin-ud-dank, Asaf KMn IT., ike father of
Mnmtaz Uahafl, Ae favourite wife of ShalijaliiiL, On ihe aco^siom of -feat
monarch he was appokted commander of 5,000, and served wiih distinction in
the Bakhin in the war against the rebel Khia JaMn Lodi and in fte opera-
tions against ihe Ifizam Shahfs troops. In ihe fifth year of ihe reiga, be was
made Governor of Bengal m succession to y&fii?n IQifru Jn^rainL Biree
years kter he was transferred to ABahabad, but did not remain there long,
being moved in the very nest year to 0-njaritj as Smbadar, Ik Hw twelfHi year
of Shahjahan Ms daughter was married-to priaoe Shuja, who had by her s mm
named 2am-Ql-^bidiii. From 164i"to 1S45 be iras Govem<» of Mstihmt, but